CourseCriminal Law - Law 650
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Units 3 - Graded
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Criminal Law will present and examine basic criminal law concepts, such as intent, act and causation, used in defining crimes and holding people responsible. This will be done using homicide and rape, along with conspiracy and attempt, to illustrate how we decide who to hold responsible and how to punish misconduct. Defenses will be explored, including self defense, mistake, and insanity. Questions of punishment will be examined, including deterrence and retribution, with emphasis on capital punishment. Throughout, reference will be made to the Model Penal Code, in effect in most States, including Arizona.

Laptops will not be allowed in the classroom.


Dressler, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law, 2009
Fifth editiion

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The examination will be machine graded, multiple choice, and the course text/casebook must be brought into the exam room.

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