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Administrative law is the law relating to administrative agencies.  Because much of environmental law is made by administrative agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Interior, knowledge of administrative law is vitally important for any student wishing to practice environmental law.  Administrative law encompasses constitutional law (separation of powers and procedural due process), federal statutory law (the Administrative Procedure Act that governs agency procedures and the statutes which govern agencies’ day to day operations), and occasionally state statutory law.  The validity of an agency’s actions depends on compliance with administrative law. Thus, lawyers for agencies, regulated industries, and public interest groups are vitally concerned with administrative law. Much of their practice both as litigants and advisors involves administrative law. Thirteen states test Administrative Law on their bar exams. This course uses a problem orientation to stress practical application of administrative law. 





Administrative Law:  The American Public Law System, Cases and Materials ISBN:  13: 9780314195852, West, latest edition

Course Format

Lecture and discussion.

Written Assignments


Type of Exam

Mostly, if not exclusively, essay.

Basis for grading

The final exam will be the primary basis for students' grades, but class participation may also be taken into account.

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