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This course introduces students to the application of law to sports.  The course objectives include exposure to various substantive areas of law relevant to sport and the ways in which law affects the behavior of those involved in sports.  Although the course includes simulations in which students may be asked to negotiate or argue on behalf of hypothetical clients, the objective of these simulations is not primarily the teaching of lawyering skills.  Rather, students will learn about the complexity facing actors in sports by being placed in a position of having to make decisions affected by law and business considerations.  Topics will include antitrust, broadcast and media rights, merchandising, Title IX, torts, rights of publicity, and amateurism. Enrollment is limited to 20 students.


There will be no textbook assigned.  Course materials will include cases and articles posted on the course TWEN site.

Course Format

In-class discussion, simulations, and individual meetings with instructor.

Written Assignments

Students will be asked to write short reflections about the simulations.  Final paper is a longer paper analyzing the application of law to sports with respect to one or more issues raised in the simulations. Students may substitute a different topic for the longer paper with the permission of the instructor.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Students will be evaluated on class participation, written assignments, and final paper.

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