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Students may enroll for an externship for a semester working in the Tucson office of the Federal Public Defender on various habeas cases providing a unique opportunity for students with an interest in death penalty litigation to learn about this interesting and rapidly developing area of law, as well as to obtain intensive experience in legal research and writing at a sophisticated level, working with attorneys who spend most of their professional energies researching and writing.  Students will spend 100 or 150 hours during the externship, depending on the number of units earned.

Course Format

Weeks 1 – 4


Introduce students to essential elements of habeas corpus litigation, including essential elements of  Habeas petition, federal constitutional issues most frequently encountered; review of sample motions related to habeas litigation, and preparation  necessary for participating in hearings.


Weeks 5 – 14


Students research and write memoranda to attorneys dealing with relevant legal issues.

Students will research and draft appellate briefs, including, when possible, petitions for certiorari submitted to the United States Supreme Court. 

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