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This special class will meet on Thursdays beginning January 19, 2012, for two hours starting at 6:20 – 8:10 PM Eastern time —currently 4:20 PM Arizona time.  (Starting Thursday, March 22, classes will begin at 3:20 Arizona time due to daylight savings time change).  Materials will be posted.

This two unit, pass/fail  course in International Bankruptcy is a collaborative effort of several law schools and the American College of Bankruptcy (through videoconferencing).  Each Thursday the class will meet in Room 237.  The class involves students from Columbia, Boalt, Emory, Penn, Utah, SMU, and the U of A. The video-technology has worked very well in the past.  
Michael McGrath, a partner at Mesch, Clark & Rothschild and a member of the American College of Bankruptcy will attend each class session here at the U of A.  See  Each week a leading judge, lawyer or professor will give a lecture, and then provide the opportunity for students to participate actively in the classes in real time.  Attendance is required.
Among the likely topics are the following:  International Bankruptcy Principles and Problems:  the Maxwell Case; Basics of Business Bankruptcy; Bankruptcy in British Commonwealth; Latin America; Western Europe; Asia; Eastern Europe; Use of Chapter 11 by Foreign Nationals; How other countries deal with Chapter 15 issues; and Sovereign Debt.
The principal organizer this year is Professor Charles Tabb at the University of Illinois. ( ). Charles will be joined by leading American judges and lawyers and professors such as Dan Glosband , Judge Allan Gropper. , Lewis Kruger and Professor Ralph Mabey and experts from other countries such as Professor Ian Fletcher of England, and Rudolfo Rouillon from Argentina
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