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An introduction to the newest and most quickly developing area of civil rights law.  The course will focus on discrimination against persons with disabilities in employment, state and local governmental services, public accommodations, and other areas of community integration, such as housing and travel.  The course covers the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act as well as touches upon other federal laws, such as the Fair Housing Act and Air Carriers Access Act.


The course will involve a study of these statutes and their implementing regulations, as well as agency guidance and federal case law interpreting those laws and regulations.


The Law of Disability Discrimination, 7th Ed., Ruth Colker (Lexis/Nexis)

The Law of Disability Discrimination Handbook, 6th Ed., Ruth Colker (Lexis/Nexis)

Supplementary reading listed in syllabus (available on Westlaw or governmental websites).

Course Format

This class is best when everyone participates.  The course will entail traditional law school readings and discussion; small group in-class work and discussion; specific internet research on related topics, and a small group field research project evaluating whether a particular institution or facility complies with federal disability law.  The area of law is dynamic and evolving.

Written Assignments

Accessibility study of a place of public accommodation/field research of entity's compliance with an aspect of the ADA.  

Type of Exam

Take-home Essay Exam.

Basis for grading

Small group accessibility/compliance evaluation and class report:  20%

Completion of assignments in syllabus:  10%

Final Take Home Examination - 70%  

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