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The Veteran’s Advocacy Law Clinic will a hybrid, multidisciplinary legal clinic. By hybrid, we mean that some of the legal work will be supervised in house and some by volunteer attorneys.   The course will be co-taught by Kris Carlson, our Program Coordinator and Paul Bennett, Clinical Professor. In the Clinic, Law students will perform three types of legal work:

1.     They will assist military veterans in the Veteran’s Courts of both the Tucson City Court and the Pima County Justice Court. 
2.     They will represent veterans in administrative appeals of denials of VA disability benefits and military insurance claims. 
3.     They will participate in special projects to assist in resolving inter-governmental issues relating to military veterans. While we have not committed to any projects, we have been approached already with requests to
     i.               create materials for other jurisdictions who wish to establish Veteran’s Courts
     ii.             assist with legal issues in the building of military cemeteries on Tribal Lands
     iii.           help to resolve difficulties between Indian Health Services and the Veterans Administration in delivering health care to Native American Veterans, and
     iv.            address re-entry services issues for veterans being released from prison.
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Grading: Two credit students will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis.   Four credit students will be graded without a curve.

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