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Recommended Courses:

Any intellectual property course, or Administrative Law.


Patent Law covers the doctrine, theory, and practice of obtaining protection for inventions that meet the criteria for patentability. The class begins by examining the requirements for patentability: eligible subject matter, utility, novelty, non-obviousness, and disclosure. Next, it covers infringement of patent rights, followed by defenses to infringement and remedies for it. In addition, we will briefly cover patent drafting and the examination process, known as prosecution. The course will cover the changes produced by the America Invents Act of 2011.


Craig Allen Nard, The Law of Patents (2d ed. 2010)

I also recommend, but do not require, Janice M. Mueller, Patent Law (3d ed. 2009), as a supplement.

Course Format

Mixture of lecture and discussion. Students will be assigned to panels; each panel will be responsible for mastering the materials for several classes, and for leading discussion during those sections.

Written Assignments



Type of Exam

Four-our, open-book, open-note, laptop preferred.

Basis for grading

Class participation plus exam.

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