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Requirements: There will be several short writing assignments and one significant paper.


Course structure:  You will all be expected to have read the assignments before class and be prepared to discuss them.  For many of the discussions, I will ask one or two students to lead the discussion.  I will not lecture.  There are a number of book titles in boldface that will be assigned to individuals for in depth reporting to the group.  A short book review will be required for those titles. 


Assignments:  In addition to the daily reading you will write two or three book reviews of the books listed in the “Great Books” section – your individual assignments are listed within the class syllabus.  A few of the books may be assigned to two students.  The books are all available in the University’s libraries, so you need not buy them.  In addition, I will put my own or my library’s copies on reserve in the Law Library.  The “book review” that I am looking for is actually more of a brief or summary of the book.  Basic points, was it helpful, etc.  It can be in outline form rather than an essay.   It should help in leading class discussion on the topic.


The final assignment will be a short paper (10-20 pages) on a topic of your choosing within certain guidelines I will present.  We will discuss this assignment in more detail in the first week of classes.




Books listed in the "Great Books" section. Books will be available at University libraries and will not need to be purchased.

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Written assignments:  90%; class participation 10%

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