CourseTrademarks and Unfair Competition - Law 655A
Instructor Michael J Curley   View Faculty Page
Units 2 - Graded


Recommended Courses:

Any property course, such as property, copyright, or patents. 



Among the most valuable of business assets, trademarks are also among the least well understood.  This course provides a broad overview of (mainly federal) trademark and unfair competition law.  Topics to be considered may include:

- Acquisition of trademark rights;

- Requirements for registration;

- Infringement of Trademarks;

- Protection of trade dress;

- Comparative advertising;

- Dilution of trademarks;

- Loss of trademark rights through genericism and  


- Protection of Internet domain names.



Graeme Dinwoodie and Mark Janis, Trademarks and Unfair Competition (Aspen 2010, ISBN:978-07355-94869) plus Supplement (ISBN: 978-07355-90557).  

Course Format


Written Assignments


Type of Exam

The exam may include multiple-choice questions. 

Basis for grading

Student’s examination grade will provide the grade for the course. However, some grade up-lift may be possible following particularly meritorious contributions during class. In accordance with College of Law requirements, an adjustment in the grading curve may result. 

Additional Comments

Attendance policy, more detailed information about the course, etc.

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