Course - Law

Completion of first year of law school or permission of instructor

Recommended Courses:

Constitutional Law I


This 2-credit class will address the law governing national security investigations, foreign and domestic, and related litigation.  Topics will include electronic surveillance, FISA, the Terrorist Surveillance Program, the Classified Information Procedures Act encompassing the handling of classified information at trial, and recent cases in national security law.  We will complete the class with a practical problem regarding the federal response to a bioterrorist attack.  National Security Law is often inaccessible, and can be particularly hard to follow when divorced from the context of historical tradition, governmental structures and the operational reality in which it functions.  Without disclosing and classified or confidential information, this class will attempt to present the law in context. 



National Security Law, 5th Ed

Author: Dycus

ISBN: 9780735594753           

Course Format

Lecture and Discussion. Class attendance and participation are expected.

Written Assignments  
Type of Exam

The exam will consist of multiple choice and essay questions and will cover the assigned reading, class discussions, and lectures. There will be an optional exam review TBA.

Basis for grading

Grades will be based upon a final examination (75%) and (25%) class participation. Grading based on participation and attendance: Although most students will get full credit, it is possible that some students will have their grades raised or lowered based on class participation of distinctive quality.

Additional Comments


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