Course - Law

Constitutional Law I

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Building on the structure investigated in Constitutional Law I, the course explores the concepts of state action, equal protection of the law, freedom of expression, and selected problems under the religion clauses of the First Amendment.  This is a survey course that does not—indeed cannot—cover any of these vast subjects in detail.


Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law (3d edition 2009) and 2012 supplement.



Course Format

Combination of lecture and question and answer format, with expectation of daily close reading of material and participation in discussion as requested.

Written Assignments

One short (8 pg) paper (pass/fail) mid-way through course. 

Failure to complete or to receive a passing grade on the paper will result in a deduction of 25 points on the final exam score.

Type of Exam

Essay exam.  See sample examinations at end of course packet.

Basis for grading

Final exam, plus passing grade on mid-term paper.

Additional Comments

Attendance and participation (as requested) are required. 

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