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This seminar explores some of the major corporate governance issues confronting public corporations in the United States today. The seminar examines various techniques used to assure that corporate management properly serves the goals of the corporation and its shareholders. It examines in depth the definition of corporate objectives, the role of the board of directors and board committees, the role of shareholders and the techniques for holding them accountable, and the role of lawyers in the governance process.

The seminar will consist of 13 sessions, at each of which a number of hypotheticals will be explored. There will also be a series of guest presentations (probably at noon) which students will be expected to attend and participate along with faculty and other students from the Law School or the Eller School of Management.
This seminar will meet at 4:00 – 5:15 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday on the following days: 
·February 25
·February 27
·March 4
·March 6
·March 18
·March 20
·March 25
·March 27
·April 1
·April 3
·April 8
·April 10
·April 15
-April 17
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