CourseFederal Income Tax - Law 646
Instructor John A. Swain   View Faculty Page
Units 3 - Graded
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The course provides an introduction to federal income tax law and policy.  Students will become familiar with key federal income tax concepts such as gross income, personal and business deductions, depreciation, and capital gains.  They will also consider the policies underlying the income tax and various features of the Internal Revenue Code, such as the charitable contribution and home mortgage interest deductions.  The course also gives students the opportunity to develop skills in statutory interpretation.


Klein, Bankman, Shaviro & Stark, Federal Income Taxation (16th ed. 2012) ISBN 978-1-4548-0996-8.  REQUIRED;  Bank and Stark's Selected Sections:  Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations, 2012-2013 (or latest).  ISBN-13:  9781609301262.  REQUIRED

Course Format


Written Assignments


Type of Exam

Limited open book final

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Additional Comments

Students unfamiliar with business and accounting concepts are encouraged to enroll.  One of the primary purposes of this course is to increase students' "financial literacy," and no business, accounting, or tax experience is presumed.

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