Course - Law


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 The goal of this course is to introduce studens to effective legal research techniques. The first semester (Fall) consists of 8 two-hour classes to expose students to the basics of the law library; Westlaw, Lexis, & Bloomberg Law; the legal research process; secondary sources; state legal research; and updating primary law. The second semester (Spring) consists of 4 two-hour classes covering federal legal research, administrative law, and cost-effective research.


 There is no required text for this class. Students will be assigned CALI lessons and other online tutorials, as well as suggested readings.

Course Format

 Some lecture, but instruction done primarily through hands-on in-class exercises.

Written Assignments

 In addition to the in-class exercises, students will be required to complete two graded research projects.

Type of Exam  
Basis for grading

 The two written projects are each worth 40% of the grade. The rest of the grade is based on a quiz at the end of the course, worth 10%, and class participation, attendance, and weekly exercises, worth 10%.

Additional Comments

 The final grade will be awarded at the end of the Spring semester.

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