Course - Law

Must have approval from instructor

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Internships for 6 units in summer and 10 units in the fall and spring semesters, with a group of "pre-approved" government agencies that include the Arizona Legislature Legal Internship (Phoenix, Spring semester only); Arizona Governor - General Counsel's Office (Phoenix); and Internships with Arizona Senators and House members in Washington DC.

Course Format

To receive full credit, the student must work full-time for 10 weeks during the summer, and 15 weeks during the semester.

Written Assignments

A log of assignments must be kept, a notebook of written documents you draft, and a memo describing the nature of the assignments, the supervision you received, and your assessment of the internship. You will also engage in regular journaling to reflect on your work, the substantive nature of the work, your interactions, etc.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Pass/Fail. Must receive "passing" grade from supervising attorney, and supervising instructor.

Additional Comments

Summer FT = 6 units; Semester FT = 10 units

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