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None (Course addressed to Law students).

Recommended Courses:

Business Associations and Comparative Law.


The course is devised to help students who are contemplating doing business and exploring business opportunities cross-border throughout the Americas.  The topics will include not only comparative law issues, but also, as applicable, socio-cultural dynamics and attitudes impacting basic business creation and operation. Furthermore, whenever necessary or helpful, there will be comparative references to United States law and practice.


Boris Kozolchyk and Francisco Reyes, Latin American Company Law from a Comparative and Economic Perspective, Vol. I. Carolina Academic Press, 2012

Course Format

Lectures with student participation

Written Assignments


Type of Exam

Law Students will be required to present a written final exam (essay or multiple choice) at the end of the course.

Basis for grading

The course will be graded on the grounds of the students’ ability to recognize and understand the basic legal and practical foundations of Latin American Company Law

Additional Comments

All of the assigned materials should be read carefully in advance to the class

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