Course - Law
Recommended Courses:

Evidence (Law 608); Federal Jurisdiction (Law 642); Remedies (Law 644)


This is a simulation course in which students are organized into law firms which litigate against each other during the semester. It focuses on civil litigation as a process in which early decisions and steps have consequences which invariably affect later steps. The course covers prefiling fact investigation, interviewing parties and witnesses, legal research, litigation strategy, pleadings, discovery, motions and settlement. Students prepare weekly assignments, such as drafting complaints and answers, discovery documents, taking depositions, drafting summary judgment motions, and preparing pretrial memoranda.  The course also focuses on the operation of a law firm as a business.  The final assignment is attending a settlement conference.


Mauet, Pretrial (latest edition).

Course Format

Learn-by-doing simulation method.

Written Assignments

Pretrial documents (pleadings, discovery, motions), research and interview memoranda

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Written work and settlement conference, class participation.

Additional Comments

This course satisfies the Professional Skills curricular requirement.

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