Course - Law


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Critical examination of developments in analytic and normative jurisprudence. Delineating the contours of classical and contemporary concerns, the seminar will culminate in an analysis of a spectrum of issues such as justice, rights, responsibility, equality, community, democratization. These issues will be examined within the framework of concrete problems. 


 Amartya Sen: Development as Freedom

Course Format

 Mainly discussion.

Written Assignments

Primarily Journals and Position Paper. Additional requirements for Substantial Paper. 

Type of Exam  
Basis for grading

 Continuous assessment based on journals, class participation and substantial paper.

Additional Comments

 This is the substanial paper section for the course. You will receive 3 units of graded credit for taking the course as a substantial paper course and will be required to submit three full drafts (including the final draft) of a paper, with the final paper of publishable quality. In addition, students taking the class for substantial paper credit will be required to make an oral presentation during the semester on the topic of their paper.

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