Course - Law

Federal Income Tax (either the 3 or 5 unit course)

Recommended Courses:

Corporate Tax; Accounting for Lawyers


 A study of the tax concepts involved in the formation and operation of Limited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (which are treated as partnerships under federal tax law), and partnerships, including the sale and exchange of partnership property and interests. The course also covers partnership liquidations and special problems of limited partnerships and limited liability companies.


1. Schwarz and Lathrope, Fundamentals of Partnership Taxation.
2. Internal Revenue Code and Regulations. (student edition)
3. McKee, Nelson & Whitmire, Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners.


Course Format

Classroom discussion of cases, statutes and IRS guidance, along with in-class problem analysis.

Written Assignments


Type of Exam

3-hour open book - problem based format

Basis for grading

Final exam and class participation.

Additional Comments

This course is extremely important for anyone considering a career as a tax attorney or a business attorney. Particularly in small business, lawyers need to be versed in the tax ramifications of business decisions.

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