Course - Law

LL.M. students only.

Recommended Courses:  

This course will introduce you to a variety of the skills necessary to solve legal problems, and will include instruction in legal writing and legal citation. It will also provide opportunities to build English language skills in preparation for graduate coursework, particularly with emphasis on Legal English. This course will help you (1) Improve your listening and comprehension skills in law school classrooms; (2) Learn reading techniques specifically directed at case law and the full-time academic reading load ; (3) Practice speaking in the law school classroom environment; (4) Develop an understanding of common law analysis; (5) Address fundamental writing principles of organization on a large-scale and small-scale basis; and (6) Emphasize the need to identify purpose, audience, and context for different types of legal documents, including the thesis that will be required for the LL.M. in International Trade.


Required:  Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing for International Graduate Students, Nadia Nedzel,  (3rd edition - most recent);

Required:  The Bluebook:  A uniform System of Citation (Columbia Law Review Association), 19th ed, 2010 or most recent edition.

Required:  Interactive Citation Workbook for The Bluebook:  A Uniform system of Citation, Tracy L. McGaugh, Christine Hurt, Publisher - LexisNexis, ISBN Number 978-0769852928, Latest edition

Recommended:  Aspen Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citations

Course Format

This is a required 4 unit course for LL.M. students only. Two units will be taken in the Fall and two units in the Spring.

Written Assignments  
Type of Exam

No exam.

Basis for grading

Class participation and written assignments.

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