Course - Law

Completion of one year of law school.

Recommended Courses:

For all students: Immigration Law; For 6-unit students: Evidence, Legal Profession, Basic Trial


This in-house clinic provides students with the opportunity to assist and (if taken for 4 or 6 units) to represent immigrants. All students participate either in a clinic for immigrant workers or a clinic for unrepresented people undergoing removal proceedings; in each, they conduct interviews, identify options, provide advice and, in some cases, provide brief services. In addition, 4 unit students may assist immigrants in affirmative applications for asylum or visas for victims of domestic violence or crime.

Six unit students will also work in pairs to represent one immigrant in a removal defense case. Typically, the client will be a legal permanent resident seeking a humanitarian waiver of removal, a political asylum applicant, or a victim of battery or other abuse. In most cases, students will represent their client in immigration court. The students will prepare all aspects of the case, including brief-writing, preparing and conducting direct and cross examination of the client and witnesses, and closing argument. 

The minimum time commitment is 50 hours per unit.


Immigration Law Clinic Training Manual

Course Format

Initial 8-10 hour training followed by biweekly sessions of 1.5 hours each. Students go to the local immigration court early in the semester to observe proceedings and record observations. Students participate in the Immigrant Workers Project or the removal defense clinics various times throughout the semester. All students engage in follow-up work with clients on their own time. Students are encouraged to schedule regular office hours at the law clinic.

Written Assignments

Legal writing (e.g., motions and briefs) assigned as necessary for casework. Students must also complete a few worksheets associated with the classroom component.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Students are evaluated based on the quality of their casework, their progress throughout the semester, and their participation in the classroom component. There are no exams.

Additional Comments

Fluent Spanish speakers preferred. Professor's approval required prior to enrollment.

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