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Constitutional Law I and II

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The course will address selected topics within the First Amendment –Freedom of Expression and Expressive Association. It is a follow-on course to Constitutional Law II that addresses some topics not covered in Con Law II (e.g. government employee free speech rights;  freedom of speech in public schools) and also addresses other topics (e.g. first amendment theory) in more depth than the survey course permits.


E. Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law casebook (3d edition 2009) and most recent casebook supplement (if any).  NOTE:  Chemerinsky may be coming out soon with a new edition of his casebook --but you can avoid the expense of purchasing a new book by using the older edition,  along with the 2012 update.  I WILL ALERT YOU TO ANY NEW CASES WE MIGHT BE ADDING FROM 2012-13

Also, instructor course packet --which will be available electronically.

Course Format

Lecture and discussion format.

Written Assignments

Short (8-10 pages), mid-term paper on topic assigned by instructor, based on readings early in semester. Worth 30 points of possible 210 (final exam worth 180).

Type of Exam

3 hour essay exam.

Basis for grading

Student performance on paper and exam.

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