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Advanced Legal Writing
Advanced Appellate Practice/2L Moot Court
Finish in the top six in the Fegtly 2L Moot Court Competition in 2L year

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The ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition is one of the nation's most challenging and prestigious legal skills competitions.  Participating students brief and argue a fictional case before the United States Supreme Court.  The topic and area of law change each year.

The College of Law fields two three-person teams for this competion.  Team members are selected the previous spring during the Fegtly 2L Moot Court Competition, which is part of the Advanced Appellate Practice course.  The six students with the highest combined brief and oral argument scores after the semi-final round of the competition become members of the two teams.

Teams submit their briefs to the competition before the beginning of the spring semester.  Regional oral argument rounds begin in mid-February.  The national final rounds are held in Chicago, Illinois in early April.


No books required.

Course Format  
Written Assignments

Participants draft a brief to the United States Supreme Court in the fall semester and over the winter break.  No formal written assignments in spring semester.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Satisfactory completion of brief; satisfactory participation in oral argument practices and competition.

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