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This course will provide interested students with an overview of oil and gas statutes, regulations, and case law, as well as an overview of typical transactions involving oil and gas, such as oil and gas leases, royalty agreements, etc.  The course will focus on the legal rules that govern the development of privately owned mineral rights, which often also apply to governmentally owned resources.  A basic outline of the course follows:
1.  Basic overview of oil and gas geology, oil and gas refining and marketing
2.  Rule of capture and correlative rights
3.  How an oil and gas lease works
4.  Implied covenants
5.  Concurrent ownership and severed minerals
6.  Contracts and business considerations
7.  Overview of oil and gas taxation
8.  Overview of oil and gas leasing on federal lands

Lowe, Anderson, Smith, Pierce & Kulander, "Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law," 6th Edition, West Pub. Co. The ISBN # is ISBN-13: 978-0-314-28516-4 (plus documents supplement if available)

Lowe, Anderson, Smith, Perce, "Forms Manual to Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law" (American Casebook), Thomson West, ISBN# 978-0-314-18399-6

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