Course - Law
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This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of practice as a health care attorney.  These fundamentals include the regulatory framework of federal and state laws and regulations as those apply to health care services; credentialing and privileging protocols that assure the use of only qualified and trained health care providers; billing and reimbursement rules and audit responsibilities; the development of the expanding role of the compliance function; and the principles that underlay the safe and effective use of health care products, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 


Required:  The Law of Health Care Finance and Regulation (3rd edition), Mark A. Hall, Mary Anne Bobinski, David Orentlicher, Aspen Publishers, ISBN#9781454805342

Course Format  
Written Assignments

3-4 take home assignments.

Type of Exam

This class will have an exam and will be worth 75% of the course grade. 

Basis for grading

Quality of returned assignments and class participation - 25%

Exam - 75%

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