Course Criminal Procedure - Law 602 ยง2
Instructor Jason Kreag
Units 3 (Graded)
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This course will provide a basic introduction to the administration of criminal justice with a particular emphasis on issues arising from the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments



Criminal Procedure:  Investigating Crime, Dressler and Thomas, ISBN:  9780314279514, West, 5th or latest.

Criminal Procedure:  Investigating Crime is roughly the first half of Dressler's and Thomas's hardcover Criminal Procedure casebook.  The hardcover casebook, Criminal Procedure:  Principles, Policies, and Perspectives, Fifth Ed. (ISBN# 9780314279484), contains both Investigating Crime and Adjudicating Crime.  Each of these sections of the hardcover casebook, Investigating Crime and Adjudicating Crime, are sold separately as paperback books.  For this course, students only need Investigating Crime.  However, in the past, some students have found that it might be less expensive to buy the complete hard cover casebook.  Regardless of whether you choose to purchase the complete hardcover volume (Investigating Crime and Adjudicating Crime) or the paperback volume (only Investigating Crime), be sure to purchase the Fifth Edition.


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