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Trade Secret Law trains you to help clients protect confidential business information. The course has two components: knowledge transfer, and experiential.


The knowledge transfer aspect covers the emergence of the doctrine in the nineteenth century, and introduces students to both the common law and statutory bases for state trade secret regimes. The course compares trade secret protection to patent protection, and discusses the relative merits of each. It then explores what information can be protected, including the requirements of secrecy, economic value, and reasonable efforts to maintain secrecy. Next, the class covers infringement via misappropriation, and the set of defenses thereto. It closes by examining remedies, the cycle of trade secret litigation, and trade secrets in the context of employment.


The experiential aspect puts the students’ new doctrinal knowledge to use. It includes researching state-by-state variations in trade secret law, drafting agreements, and advising clients on business issues related to trade secrets.


Elizabeth A. Rowe & Sharon K. Sandeen, Cases and Materials on Trade Secret Law (West 2012).

Course Format  
Written Assignments  
Type of Exam

4-hour take-home exam, open book

Basis for grading

Exam (50%) + Written Assignments (40%) + Class Participation / Exercises (10%)

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