CourseConstitutions of Indigenous Nations - Law 631L
Instructor Melissa L. Tatum   View Faculty Page
Coteachers:Jorgensen, Miriam
Units 1 - Graded


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Considers the question “what is a constitution?” and explores different types of Indigenous nation constitutions, important concepts for constitutions to address, and the process for developing one appropriate for each community.


Structuring Sovereignty:  Constitutions of Native Nations (Deer, Guss, Jorgensen & Tatum) (UCLA Press 2014)

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Written Assignments

Problem sets  

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Problem sets, in class participation, attendance

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Please note special dates:  Saturday, January 18 - Monday, January 20


Attendance and participation in all class discussions required in accordance with Section 2-110 of the College of Law Rules and Bylaws. 

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