Course Jurisdiction in Indian Country (Aug. 25-29: MTWTh 6:00-8:30 & F 9:00-11:00) - Law 631G
Instructor Melissa L. Tatum
Units 1

Federal Indian Law or permission of instructor

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A combination of federal statutes and court decisions have created different set of rules for civil and criminal jurisdiction in Indian country than exists for the rest of the United States.  This course will explore those rules, primarily through a series of hypothetical problems.


Course packet prepared by professor

Course Format

Class will be taught using a combination of lecture, Socratic method, and interactive problems.

Written Assignments

Assigned problem sets

Type of Exam

Take home exam

Basis for grading

Grades will be based on exam and performance in class (including on assigned problem sets).

Additional Comments

This class will be taught as a 1 credit "mini unit," taught during the first week of the Fall semester.

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