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This course for law students will be a companion to a large undergraduate course taught by the College of Law. Drawing upon thirteen key cases in which the Supreme Court has grappled with fundamental social questions such as vaccination, sexual privacy, medical marijuana, and privacy on the internet, this course will explore the Court's role and rationale in shaping American democracy, culture, and law.  The course will consist of guest lecturers each focusing on one case per week, and will emphasize critical thinking and writing skills.  In addtion to the lecture, law students will attend a workshop each week, with Professor Robertson and the guest lecturer.  This session will allow further inquiry into the case of the week, and  help the law students prepare for leading their discussion sessions.  Law students will also lead weekley discussion sessions for up to 20 undergraduates each, including providing constructive feedback and grades on papers.  The law students will assist the undergraduates in understanding the cases and the issues raised by the lecturers, and will cultivate critical thinking, speaking, writing, and listening skills.

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