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Student News

2015 Richard Grand Legal Writing Competition Awards

Posted: 01/23/2015


Elifuraha I. Laltaika (Eli), IPLP S.J.D. Candidate, Invited to Speak at UN Forum Read more...

Posted: 01/20/2015


Student Efforts in Superior Court Receive Arizona Supreme Court Award Read more...

Posted: 10/22/2014


Andy Hall (2L) a featured speaker at TEDxTucson May Salon Read more...

Posted: 05/08/2014


Arizona Law Students Take First and Second Place in Tang Writing Competition Read more...

Posted: 03/26/2014



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Course Description

This is not your undergraduate English course with, egads, foreshadowing and metaphors. It is simply an opportunity to read a diverse group of books (mostly novels but some non-fiction) and spend a couple of hours a week talking with fellow students about them, with the instructors, on rare occasions, throwing in pithy remarks.

Your obligations:  (1) attend class and take part; (2) write and post reactions to the readings; (3)  run a class with two or three of your classmates; and (4) lead a class discussion on one of our readings with two or three of your classmates.


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