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2015 Richard Grand Legal Writing Competition Awards

Posted: 01/23/2015


Elifuraha I. Laltaika (Eli), IPLP S.J.D. Candidate, Invited to Speak at UN Forum Read more...

Posted: 01/20/2015


Student Efforts in Superior Court Receive Arizona Supreme Court Award Read more...

Posted: 10/22/2014


Andy Hall (2L) a featured speaker at TEDxTucson May Salon Read more...

Posted: 05/08/2014


Arizona Law Students Take First and Second Place in Tang Writing Competition Read more...

Posted: 03/26/2014



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Course Description

This course examines policies that can be pursued to promote global economic development. While a particular focus is placed on what the United States and other developed countries can do to support less developed countries in becoming more competitive and reducing poverty, we also dedicate time to reviewing domestic economic reforms that can be taken by less developed countries. The U.S. decision­making process and its impact on the extent to which the U.S. is able to trade with and provide foreign assistance to other countries is closely examined throughout the course.

The course is divided into three main sections. In the first section, we examine the impact of trade on economic development. In the second section, we consider the impact that U.S. foreign assistance has had in the developing world. Finally, in the third section, we consider domestic reforms that can be taken by developing countries to increase their own competitiveness and combat poverty.


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