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Arizona Law’s Civil Rights Restoration Clinic’s Work Profiled

Posted: 03/09/2015


Arizona Law National Appellate Advocacy Teams Win Honors at Regional  Read more...

Posted: 03/09/2015


2015 - 2016 Board of the Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy Read more...

Posted: 03/04/2015


Jessup International Law Moot Court Team Receives Honors at Regional Competition Read more...

Posted: 03/03/2015


Congratulations to the Transactional LawMeet Team!

Posted: 03/02/2015


2015 - 2016 Board of the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law Elected Read more...

Posted: 02/09/2015


2015 - 2016 Board of Arizona Law Review Elected Read more...

Posted: 02/02/2015


2015 Richard Grand Legal Writing Competition Awards

Posted: 01/23/2015


Student Efforts in Superior Court Receive Arizona Supreme Court Award Read more...

Posted: 10/22/2014


Andy Hall (2L) a featured speaker at TEDxTucson May Salon Read more...

Posted: 05/08/2014



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This list provides links to brief descriptions of courses that have been recently or are frequently offered. To select a course description, click on the appropriate link below. More detailed course descriptions may be found by referring to the Academic Schedules.


First Year Courses

As is the case in most law schools, the first year of law study at The University of Arizona includes the study of foundational areas of law upon which later study is built and entirely prescribed. The heart of a student's first year at the College of Law is the Small Section Program. In the first semester of the first year, each student is assigned to a Small Section (approximately 30 students), typically in one of three substantive first year courses: Contracts, Torts or Civil Procedure. Other classes are formed by combining two or more small sections. The required first-year courses are:


606 Constitutional Law I
600A Contracts
602 Criminal Procedure
601A Introduction to Legal and Civil Procedure
603Q Introduction to Legal Research
603P Legal Process, Analysis, and Writing
605 Property
629 The Regulatory State
604C Torts


Required Second or Third Year Courses

After completion of the first year, the remaining curriculum is almost entirely elective, with only four specific course requirements: Evidence, a Legal Profession course, a professional skills course, and the completion of the Substantial Paper Requirement.



608 Evidence
609 Legal Profession
696n Substantial Paper Seminar (Advanced Legal Writing Seminar)

Second and Third Year Elective Courses

The remainder of the curriculum is wholly elective. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of course offerings in a variety of subject matter areas. Elective offerings change from year to year depending on a variety of factors including developments in the law, society, and the legal profession, as well as changes in the composition of the faculty and visiting faculty.


621 Administrative Law
653B Advanced Appellate and Moot Court
643B Advanced International Trade: International Commercial Arbitration
633G Advanced Law and Entrepreneurship
689 Advanced Legal Research
653A Advanced Legal Writing and Intro. to Appellate Advocacy
645B Advanced Trial Advocacy
696N Alternative Dispute Resolution
625 American Legal History (The Colorado River)
618 Antitrust Law
695i Ares Fellows
656i Arizona Civil Procedure
624B Arizona Journal for Environmental Law and Policy
643E Arizona White Collar Crime
695J ASUA Legal Service Interviewing
643K AZ Attorney General Clinic
662A Bankruptcy & Related Issues
645A Basic Trial Advocacy
645 Basic Trial Advocacy (All Sections)
616 Business Organizations
681A Case Studies in Public Interest
696c Child and Family Law Clinic
639 Community Property
697P Comparative Commercial Law
696N Comparative Law of Indigenous Peoples
649C Complex Litigation
623 Conflict of Laws
615 Constitutional Law II
655P Corporate Governance
647 Corporate Taxation
650 Criminal Law
696N Critical Race Theory and Practice
614 Disability Law
696T DNA and Criminal Justice
656D Education Law
611A Employment Discrimination
611B Employment Law
603K Engaging the Public in Environmental Decision-Making
694A Entrepreneurship
694B Entrepreneurship Law Practicum II
669 Environmental Law
695M ERISA and Employee Benefits Law
648 Estate + Gift Taxation
696A Estate Planning
619 Estates + Trusts
687 European Union
612 Family Law
642 Federal Courts
646 Federal Income Tax
631A Federal Indian Law I
693B Federal Public Defender Externship
643M Foreign Investment in Developing Economies: Its Regulation and Protection
695B Gender and the Law
603M Global Climate Change and the Law
697B Globalization and Transformation of Culture
620 Immigration Law
699 Independent Study (must have supervising faculty member)
696D Indigenous Peoples' Law Clinic
635 Insurance Law
655R Intellectual Property Law
603i International Business and Investment Structuring
659 International Human Rights
527 International Human Rights & Indigenous Peoples (Seminar)
696N International Human Rights Advocacy Workshop
686 International Law Journal (must be selected for International Law Journal)
643P International Litigation
696L International Trade Law
665C Interviewing
663 Introduction to Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy
685 Introduction to the U.S. Legal System
695E Judicial Clerking Program
626 Jurisprudence
694C Juvenile Detention Teaching Program
681G Law & Policy of Sex Crimes
697H Law and Economics
633D Law and Entrepreneurship
671 Law and Humanities
654B Law and Medical Litigation
622 Law Review
662C Legal Ethics for Criminal Lawyers
657 LLC, LLP, Partnership Tax
680A Mediation
633E Mergers and Acquisitions
632 Multinational Tax
666 NAFTA & Regional Trade Agreement
656J National Security Law and Litigation
643D Native American Natural Resources
525 Native Economic Development
611F Negotiation of Employment Agreements
655C Patent Law
697Z Patent Practice
668 Pre-Trial Litigation
696U Professionalism in the Practice of Law
644G Property Transactions I
603N Property, Social Justice and the Environment
656P Prosecution and Adjudication
670 Public International Law
640 Public Land & Mining Law
638 Real Estate Transactions
696K Refugee Law + Policy
633C Secured Transactions (UCC)
658 Securities Regulation
628A Separation of Powers
655M State & Local Taxation
696N Student Initiated Substantial Paper
603J Sustainability and Environmental Policy
689A Teaching Legal Research
631E The Law of Gaming and Gambling
631D The Law, Policy, and Economics of Contemporary Native Nation Building
649 Torts II (Dignitary Torts)
522 Trade and Globalization
655A Trademarks and Unfair Competition
631B Tribal Courts and Tribal Law (Fed. Indian Law II)
641 Water Law
631F Who Owns Native Culture?


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