Fri Mar 27 2015   
Bacon Immigration Law Program

Disappearing Parents: A Report on Immigration Enforcement and the Child Welfare System


Executive Summary:

Quiet, slow motion tragedies unfold every day in immigration detention centers throughout the country, as parents caught up in immigration enforcement are separated from their young children and disappear into the detention system. If no relative is identified who can take the children at the time of an immigrant parent's apprehension, the children may be placed in state custody and find themselves in foster homes, abruptly unable to communicate with their parents or even know where their parents are. If parents choose to accept their deportation, they risk being forever separated from their children, since their children will likely be unable to accompany them so long as they remain in state custody. If parents choose instead to fight their deportation, they often remain detained for months or even years, greatly complicating efforts to reunify as a family even if they are eventually successful in their case against deportation. Click here to read the rest of the executive summary.


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