Sun Mar 01 2015   
Bacon Immigration Law Program


Immigrant Workers’ Rights

Current Research Focus:
Documenting Workplace Conditions of Low-Wage Immigrant Women Workers in Tucson

The Bacon Program is currently investigating the working conditions of low-wage immigrant women workers in Tucson, Arizona. This project emerged in response to the range of workplace violations the Program has encountered in its direct legal services work through the Tucson Immigrant Workers' Project. This project seeks to document the frequency and nature of exploitation and abuse of low-wage immigrant women workers in Tucson. The researchers are especially interested in documenting violations of wage and hour laws, health and safety regulations, and protections against discrimination, harassment and retaliation. In addition, the researchers seek to assess the extent to which current laws, regulations and policies are effectively protecting low-wage immigrant women workers in Tucson from abuse and exploitation.


In order to gather information about this low visibility population, the Bacon Program is undertaking an extensive outreach effort to conduct interviews and surveys with immigrant women workers throughout Tucson in the summer of 2012. Industries of particular focus include domestic workers, elder and child caregivers, hotel workers and restaurant workers.


In order to evaluate the quality of employment and labor law enforcement in Southern Arizona, researchers also plan to interview service providers, state and federal government agencies, and worker advocates to better understand the extent to which legal remedies and mechanisms are effective in this area.


By the end of 2012, the Bacon Program plans to release a report on its research findings. The report will use the information collected through surveys and interviews to formulate policy recommendations that seek to improve employment rights protections and enforcement. It will also discuss what the findings reveal about the root causes of workplace exploitation and abuse faced by low-wage immigrant women. The report will provide a useful tool for advocacy efforts to improve the working conditions in Arizona and will contribute to existing literature on the particular vulnerabilities faced by immigrants and women in the workplace.


Last Updated: 06/27/2012