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CoverNavigating Climate Change Policy

The Opportunities of Federalism

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Conservation of Shared Environments is now available! This first volume of the Edge series. Buy it, read a excerpt, or find out more..


Radio interview by Arizona Public Media of lead book editor Laura Lopez-Hoffman


Book launch party

In Development: Three more books are under way. They address the role of multiple scales of government in dealing with climate change, the need to preserve and conserve wide open spaces, and how we might adapt climate change. Check back periodically for updates.



The Edge Strategy


A common problem among books in which each chapter is written by different authors is lack of coherence or a “big picture” viewpoint. Not Edge books. Each is produced through a unique model for conceptualization, development, and distribution, and framed to reflect the reality that complex environmental issues cross disciplinary and political boundaries and thus require consideration from multiple perspectives. All authors and editors of each book collaborate through two in-person meetings and extensive editing to produce a cohesive volume that speaks effectively to a public audience. Furthermore, Edge books adhere to an ambitious publication schedule from manuscript to printing.


The result is timely and relevant books that present integrated pictures of complex environmental science and public policy dilemmas, framed without regard to disciplinary and political boundaries. These books will be marketed to the public and explicitly targeted to policymakers as well, in order to facilitate the incorporation of sound science into policy.














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