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CoverNavigating Climate Change Policy

The Opportunities of Federalism

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Conservation of Shared Environments is now available! This first volume of the Edge series. Buy it, read a excerpt, or find out more..


Radio interview by Arizona Public Media of lead book editor Laura Lopez-Hoffman


Book launch party

In Development: Three more books are under way. They address the role of multiple scales of government in dealing with climate change, the need to preserve and conserve wide open spaces, and how we might adapt climate change. Check back periodically for updates.



Book Launch Party!
On February 19, 2010, the editors of Conservation of Shared Environments hosted a book-launch party at the James E. Rogers School of Law. About 75 people attended the event to celebrate the much-anticipated beginning of the Edge Books series. The event drew about 75 people.


Book Party

(Above) Launch party at the James E. Rogers School of Law. February 19, 2010


Exequiel Ezcurra

Mark SchaeferFeatured speakers included Mark Schaefer (right), Director of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, and Exequiel Ezcurra (left), Director of the California Institute for Mexico and the United States; both were authors of forewords in the book.



Book Selling
(Above) UA Press selling books at the Book Launch Party

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