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CoverNavigating Climate Change Policy

The Opportunities of Federalism

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Conservation of Shared Environments is now available! This first volume of the Edge series. Buy it, read a excerpt, or find out more..


Radio interview by Arizona Public Media of lead book editor Laura Lopez-Hoffman


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In Development: Three more books are under way. They address the role of multiple scales of government in dealing with climate change, the need to preserve and conserve wide open spaces, and how we might adapt climate change. Check back periodically for updates.



Why The Edge?

Environmental issues raise complex and challenging opportunities for society. Problems such as climate change, air pollution, and water conservation cross social, economic, national, and academic boundaries and affect a wide range of people and social institutions. Despite the significant and pervasive impacts of major environmental problems, their very complexity impedes development of informed understanding by the public and policymakers. Even when they recognize the severity of the challenges, citizens and policymakers may not be equipped to identify solutions to act on their knowledge.


As social consciousness emerges about the causes and severe consequences of global warming, there is a critical need for citizens, leaders, and officials who are confident enough in their understanding of environmental science and policy to press for wise legislative, executive, and private action. The environmental stakes are high, but solutions will emerge only with development of a scientifically literate and environmentally engaged citizenry.



















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