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Richard Grand

Richard Grand


A 1958 graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law, Mr. Grand began his practice as a deputy county attorney the same year. Since 1962, Richard Grand’s practice has been limited to representing plaintiffs. On 100+ occasions he has obtained either a verdict or settlement in excess of $1 million.


In 1972, Richard received a jury verdict of $3.5 million, which was the largest in the United States for a single injury. Wry v. Dial 18 Ariz. App. 503 (1972).


Richard is the Honorary President of The Richard Grand Society - “The Injury Lawyers Alliance” - a Society of preeminent personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers entitled to practice in the United Kingdom. Legal and medical research can be done on its website:


In 1972, Richard Grand founded the Inner Circle of Advocates, which is limited to 100 U.S. lawyers who have completed at least 50 personal injury jury trials and have at least one verdict in excess of $1 million for compensatory damages.


At its May 2002 meeting, the University of Arizona Alumni Association Board of Directors voted to award the University of Arizona’s Professional Achievement Award to Richard D. Grand.

The Professional Achievement Award is given to a person who has attained prominence in his or her field. Richard D. Grand was the twelfth person to receive this prestigious award.


Dr. Peter Likins, President of the University of Arizona, presented Richard D. Grand with the Professional Achievement Award at the University of Arizona’s Homecoming Awards Reception on Friday, November 8, 2002.


Richard Grand and Michael Meehan, two nationally recognized attorneys from Tucson, have teamed up to offer their expertise in serious personal injury cases. For more information, please see insert and/or call Mr. Grand or Mr. Meehan at (520) 622-8855, or email them at and

The College of Law Community thanks Richard and Marcia Grand for their support of this program.



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