Therapeutic Jurisprudence Blog

There is now a blog on therapeutic jurisprudence on the Cutting Edge Law website. It is at:

The blog aims to share news about TJ---conferences, publications, events---and the latest developments in the field. Bruce Winick and David Wexler have generously agreed to inform your blogger about such matters to provide content for the blog! Other contributions about any TJ news or thoughts about TJ will also be most gratefully received. The site is meant to supplement existing resources on therapeutic jurisprudence such as the website of the International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Australasian Therapeutic Jurisprudence Clearinghouse (

It also aims to share thoughts, observations (and, where appropriate, feelings!) about TJ---this being a blog rather than a scholarly journal. It aims to inform and stimulate further thought and exchange of views about TJ and its application.

The entries are intended to be wide-reaching in their subject matter and will include observations on the application of TJ to broad areas of the law, including problem solving courts (eg, drug courts), commercial law, victims of crime, Indigenous issues, judging, legal practice, legal education etc.

Entries will be on a regular basis but not according to a fixed schedule.

The first blog entry provides a short overview of TJ.

Cutting Edge Law is a website that has been developed by J Kim Wright. It provides interesting written and audio-visual materials on different vectors of what Susan Daicoff has called the omprehensive law movement umbrella term on-adversarial justicedevelopments in Australia. Some of the content on the website is freely available, other aspects are subject to subscription. See: The TJ blog can be accessed without paid subscription. Thank you to Kim for the work she has put in to the development of a useful Internet resource.