International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Florida Coastal Law Review

TJ Section of the Florida Coastal Law Review

International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence (INTJ) and Florida Coastal Law Review (FCLR) hereby create the Therapeutic Jurisprudence Review, a project affiliated with both INTJ and FCLR. In order to effectuate these collaborative efforts:

  1. FCLR shall make available to INTJ a TJ section in each issue of the Law Review, provided that the obligation exists only if the material is of sufficiently high quality.
  2. INTJ being aware of this publishing option shall notify potential authors, both within and outside INTJ, of this continuing section and shall encourage publication in it.
  3. Both FCLR and INTJ shall have flexibility in the type of articles, looking for both national and international contributions, looking for law review and social science scholarship, as well as essays and other works.
  4. Both FCLR and INTJ shall have flexibility in the citation style, so that either law review bluebook form or APA style would suffice.
  5. In order to upgrade the prestige among legal writers and to make FCLR a more acceptable outlet for social science scholars, INTJ and FCLR shall look into creating a formal or informal peer review process, which may be permanent or discretionary.
  6. Both INTJ and FCLR shall consider and review good student work as well, such as pieces recommended by faculty members.
  7. The TJ section shall be known as the "Therapeutic Jurisprudence Review."

    For all those interested in publishing with the Law Review, please send your submissions to:
    Professor Stephen Durden
    7555 Beach Blvd.
    Jacksonville, Florida 32216

    Or you can submit papers through Expresso send your paper through Expresso and then let Professor Stephen Durden know. His email is or or

    For those of you interested in subscriptions or back issues, particularly the Therapeutic Jurisprudence Symposium, please contact:
    Ashley Hall, Subscription Manager
    Florida Coastal Law Review
    7555 Beach Blvd.
    Jacksonville, Florida 32216