Cases, Briefs, Statutes and Other Documents of Interest

This section includes reported decisions and briefs that take into account therapeutic jurisprudence. To read each one click on its name. If you know of any other cases or briefs that should be included in this listing please let us know at

  1. Links to Cases

    1. In the Matter of the Mental Health of K.G.F., 2001 MT 140 (2001).
    2. In re Report of the Family Court Steering Comm., No. SC00-1410, Supreme Court of Florida, 785 So. 2d 438; 2001 Fla.; 26 Fla. L. Weekly S 287, May 3, 2001, Decided, Released for Publication June 15, 2001.
    3. Amendment to the Rules of Juvenile Procedure, Fla. R. Juv. P. 8.350, No. SC00-2044, Supreme Court of Florida, October 25, 2001, Decided.

  2. Links to Briefs

    1. Amendment to the Rules of Juvenile Procedure Fla. R. Juv. P. 8.350, CASE NO. SC00-2044 This is a copy of a brief that was submitted by Professor Bruce Winick, Professor Kathy Cerminara, Judge Ronald Alvarez, Judge D. Bruce Levy, Judge John T. Parnham, Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren, and Dr. Edward Sczechowicz to the Florida Supreme Court.
    2. Amendment to the Rules of Juvenile Procedure. Fla.R.Juv. P. 8.350, CASE NO. SC00-2044 This is a copy of a brief that was submitted by Professor Bruce Winick and Judge Ginger Lerner Wren to comment on Proposed Rule 8.350 of Juvenile Procedure. The proposed rule was prepared by the Juvenile Rules Committee of the Florida Bar in accordance with this Courtís order in M.W. v. Davis 756 So.2d 90, 109 (Fla. 2000). The Juvenile Rules Committee was split, and a minority report dissenting from the majorityís recommendations was filed.

  3. Links to Statutes

    1. Treatment-Based Drug Court Programs

  4. Links to Other Documents

    1. Western Australian Country Magistrates Resolution on TJ 2004.
    2. Congressional Testimony of Max B. Rothman. "Violent Crimes and Dementa." 3/22/04 Cong. Testimony (2004).
    3. Conference of Chief Justices and Conference of State Court Administrators
    4. Vision Statement for District Court of Clark County, Washington
    5. An Overview of Florida's Criminal Justice Specialized Courts

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