The Therapeutic Jurisprudence Forum
of Revista Juridica

The Law Journal at The University of Puerto Rico--Revista Juridica UPR--has launched a Therapeutic Jurisprudence Forum. The forum will regularly publish high-quality work in Therapeutic Jurisprudence by academics, practitioners, and students from all relevant disciplines (eg, law, psychology, psychiatry, criminology, social work, public health, etc.). The Revista Juridica articles are also available on computerized research services such as Westlaw and Lexis. Subscriptions to Revista Juridica are available for $34 per year, which can be paid by check or credit card. Submissions and subscriptions should be addressed to:

Revista Juridica
Escuela de Derecho
Universidad de Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 23349
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00931-3349

The easiest way to find a specific entry will be to use the Find command in your browser. (This is usually under the Edit menu.)

Revista Juridica contains the following articles in the Therapeutic Jurisprudence Forum:

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