Description of Therapeutic Jurisprudence Class
Professor: David Wexler
University of Puerto Rico

This course will introduce the therapeutic jurisprudence perspective and pay particular attention to how lawyers may practice therapeutic jurisprudence in various settings: criminal, civil, family; and in office practice as well as in litigation. The assigned coursebook will be Judging in a Therapeutic Key: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Courts(Winick and Wexler, eds 2003), but the discussion throughout will concentrate on how the principles set forth in the Judging book will transfer to the situation of the practicing lawyer. Chapters will also be assigned from Practicing Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Law as a Helping Profession(Stolle,Wexler,Winick, eds 2000), which will also be assigned. In consultation with the instructor, each student will choose a paper topic. Toward the end of the semester, several class sessions will be devoted to presentations of the student projects.