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Affiliated Programs

Affiliated Programs


Responding to issues related to environmental law, science, and public policy is a top priority at The University of Arizona. In an effort to take a comprehensive approach to tackling these issues, Arizona Law has formed strong working partnerships with the following affiliated programs.


Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC)
WRRC provides statewide outreach and education focused on critical water issues affecting Arizona and expertise on state and regional water management and policy.


BIO 5 is a collaborative bioresearch institute bringing together scientists from five disciplines to solve complex problems, and to apply knowledge gained to treat disease, feed humanity, and create livable environments.


Center for Latin American Studies(CLAS)
CLAS hosts faculty with particular strengths in environmental studies and border studies.


Institute of the Environment
The Institute of the Environment collaborates across The University of Arizona campus to understand, communicate, and solve the environmental challenges facing our world, nation, and state, and to help the people of Arizona seize opportunities created by these challenges.


Office of Arid Lands Studies (OALS)
OALS takes a multidisciplinary approach to issues surrounding the sustainable use of drylands.


Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
The Udall Center sponsors programs and researching linking scholarship and education with decisionmaking, particularly in the area of environmental policy and conflict.