Mon Mar 30 2015   
Mundheim Speakeer Series

Thursday, March 24

12:30 - 2:00 p.m.

Faculty Lounge, Rm. 237

Topic: General Counsel


Michelle Mayes, General Counsel, Allstate Insurance

Edward Greene, Clearly Gottleib, New York; former general counsel, Citibank


Michele Coleman Mayes is Senior Vice-President, General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer for Allstate Insurance Company. She is also a member of the Allstate senior management team. She is responsible for guiding Allstate's strategy to ensure sound compliance of governance practices, and fostering a healthy legal, legislative and regulatory environment. She joined Allstate in November 2007.


Mayes has extensive legal, corporate and government experience. From 1976 through 1982, she served in the United States Department of Justice as Assistant United States Attorney in Detroit and Brooklyn, eventually assuming the role of Chief of the Civil Division in Detroit. In 1982, Mayes entered the corporate sector as managing attorney of Burroughs Corporation. Her career continued to evolve as Burroughs and Sperry Corporation merged, creating Unisys Corporation, for which she was appointed Staff Vice-President and Associate General Counsel for Worldwide Litigation. In 1992, she joined Colgate-Palmolive Company as Vice-President and Associate General Counsel U.S. In 1993, she was promoted to Vice-President of Human Resources and Legal for North America. She next became Vice-President, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, and in 2001 she was promoted to Vice-President, Legal and Assistant Secretary, and elected a corporate officer. In 2003, she transitioned to Pitney Bowes, where she served as Senior Vice-President and General Counsel.

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