Water Law & Policy: A Symposium
Tue Mar 31 2015 09:45:38 UA Law | Events | Water Law & Policy: A Symposium | Environmental law - Updated: 28.07.06
Environmental law at the Rogers College of LawAn interdisciplinary approach informs the study of environmental law at the University of Arizona Rogers College of Law. ROBERT GLENNON, Morris K. Udall Professor of Law and Public Policy, and a participant in this Symposium, stands at the forefront of commentators on water law and policy in the United States. At UA, he is the leading force behind the Environmental Breakfast Club, a diverse grouping of faculty from various departments, programs and colleges on the campus, who meet monthly to discuss works in progress on the environment and natural resources.

A recent addition to the faculty is CAROL ROSE, who holds the Ashby I. Lohse Chair in Water and Natural Resources Law. With property law as her platform and the study of history and language as guiding lights, she teaches and writes in unique and compelling ways about nature and management of the natural world.

MARC MILLER, newly installed as the Ralph W. Bilby Professor of Law, brings a searching multi-disciplinary approach to the teaching and study of law and public policy. His seminar on sustainability draws students and features faculty from the law college and multiple departments in the social and natural sciences.
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