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About the Certificate Program

With the very definition of "family" in flux, the practice of family law and children's law in the 21st century is more challenging and rewarding than ever. For J.D. students who want to specialize in these growing fields, the College of Law offers a certificate program in Family and Juvenile Law ("Program"). The Program is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge, practical skills, and ethical training. The award of the Family and Juvenile Law Certificate means that the student has not only demonstrated proficiency in the basic academic work, but has also engaged in interdisciplinary study, interacted with clients through clinical courses or internships, and learned from leading practitioners in the field.


The certificate program provides:


Students who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate in Family and Juvenile Law. A link on the University's D2L site is available to enable students to review the requirements for the certificate, verify available courses each semester, and record their progress in fulfilling the requirements of the Program.


For more information, please contact:

Barbara A. Atwood
Mary Anne Richey Professor of Law Emerita
Director, Family and Juvenile Law Certificate Program


Updated: 10/13/2014