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J.D. with Advanced Standing


About the Program



The Advanced JD Program for non-US lawyers is for those who have studied law outside the US, but now wish to expand their professional opportunities by earning a US law degree.


Most lawyers from outside the US who want a US law degree pursue the LLM, a degree which does not provide access to the bar exam in most US states. Arizona Law is one of the very few American law schools that gives those with non-US legal training another option: The chance to earn a JD (Juris Doctorate) - the very same degree that American law students receive - but in a shorter period of time. Arizona Law gives students up to 29 transfer credits for their non-US legal studies, allowing them to earn a JD in as little as two years - or even 1.5 years if they already have a LLM. Advanced JD students receive the same degree (and the diploma looks exactly the same) as the students' in the traditional three-year JD program.


Arizona Law's Advanced JD Program provides a dramatically shorter, and economical, path to a Juris Doctorate (JD) for those with non-U.S. legal training.


Specifically, this program provides two accelerated tracks to the JD:




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